How To Restore Deleted Folders In Outlook

How To Restore Deleted Folders In Outlook

You can restore deleted folders in Outlook by following these steps:

  1. On the File menu, click Options and then choose Save Searches in Folder. This will save your searches across all of your devices so that you don’t have to enter them manually next time when creating a new group or contact folder for an email address;
  2. Select Restore Deleted Items To A New Location Under Storage Locations on top/left side bar window (if available). You may also do this via right-click context menus if restoring multiple items at once;
  3. In Restore Deleted Items window, select a location from the list of available folders by clicking on it, and then click OK. You will be able to restore items through this folder in future. If you want to save the restored items into a new folder, choose either Inbox or any other existing folder before clicking OK;
  4. If the desired item is not listed with its path in Recover deleted messages window, it might have been removed from Trash with a permanently delete option enabled during previous set of file/folder operations. This will require deeper search for that particular file or item. You can do so by entering keywords in the Search field at the top. All files containing those words in their title/subject line will be displayed with their paths in the result window;
  5. To restore all items, use All Folders option at the top. Tick all folders in which files are stored beforehand. Once done, click Recover Now button to proceed further;
  6. If you have previously entered password for that item in order to prevent unauthorized access, you will be prompted for your login credentials when recovering it into Outlook 2010 or 2013/2016 client. You can later change this password during decryption process if needed by hitting Edit Settings link at the bottom of account properties dialog after restoring is complete:

Outlook Profile Wizard

Feature introduced with Microsoft Office 2010 suite in order to assist in easy creation of new mail profile. This tool provides various different options in terms of available customizations and thus may not work correctly in some cases, especially when customizing Outlook 2010 setup for a local account. In order to disable this feature and use manual creation of profile, follow these steps:

On Windows 7 or newer operating system

From your Start Menu choose All Programs -> Microsoft Office [edition] -> [name of the product] [version number] . On Windows XP it’s slightly different so go to All Programs menu and look for Microsoft Office folder in order to find the program you want to open. After that simply double click on Outlook application shortcut in order then choose Tools menu option followed by Account Settings… which will launch following window:

If you don’t see Account Settings item there after clicking on Tools menu item in previous step, restart Outlook in Safe Mode and try again.

After clicking on Account Settings item, following window should appear:

In the screenshot above we see that I have several email accounts added to my Microsoft Outlook application. However in case you don’t see such screen then it means that your Microsoft Outlook doesn’t properly recognize your email account and therefore there is no data for this tutorial to decrypt therefore making everything impossible until you fix the problem with Outlook. Instructions for fixing certain problems can be found here:

Click on New button and either specify existing email account (in case of POP3) or enter new email information (in case of IMAP or Exchange). You will be asked about Username and Password credentials but only in rare cases when trying to add new POP3 account.