How To Backup Outlook Emails

how to backup outlook emails to hard drive

It is important to back up your email account on the hard drive in case of emergency. With so many employees using Outlook, you want all their data backed-up properly before anything happens that could affect them professionally or personally!

How To Backup Outlook Emails To Hard Drive

There are a variety ways for how one may do this successfully:

  1. Creating an external USB device by plugging it directly into computer with only emails saved there;
  2. Making local copies from home folder–which can include deleted items as well because those were just copied over again after being removed originally;
  3. Backing up to a shared network folder.

There are several benefits to using this third option, but it is important to note that you will not be able to run the backup if you don’t have rights on the server; only certain users can access or execute backups (if they exist). You can always set permissions later on after getting your full email account backed up successfully.

When making local copies from home folders there is no guarantee that Outlook emails will copy over completely with all data intact; some files may fail transferring even though their names are correct (for example: .pst / .ost).

Best Way To Backup Your Outlook Emails

But the best way to backup your outlook emails is by doing it automatically. Most people just store their email on the cloud and don’t take enough precautions, trusting that there aren’t any viruses or glitches in service which could jeopardize all this important information for subscribers outside of work hours! The truth? You need both offline copies (hard drives) as well as online access so if something were ever lost during an accident like fire-, flood-or other disasters; at least some would still exist through regular backups done twice weekly unless instructed otherwise by law enforcement agencies or court systems. Whether you’re a student, a business person or even a lawyer who’s working on an important case, your emails are the core of what keeps things going around here. Let us show you how to backup your outlook email online and offline so no one ever has to worry about data loss again!

A backup is not only made for saving contacts but also creating separate .PST files from your inbox, sent items as well as deleted items folders, so everything including attached documents will be saved from accidental deletions which happen all too often during sending/receiving operations that involve both work and personal information. Manual backups should be done weekly by copying data into another folder via drag & drop just in case automatic backups fail to do their job at the most inappropriate moment.

Two Types Of Backup

There are two types of backup: online and offline. As you can easily guess, the first one refers to saving your data onto remote storage provided by hosting providers (you will need an account for this), while the second type is when your computer’s hard drive or any other external device that you use for storing files is backing up the data itself. Offline method of backing up uses less time and resources but presents a risk of losing all information if equipment used for backups gets broken or stolen, so we suggest using both methods next to each other and switching between them weekly in order not to stay unprotected even after just one failed attempt at creating a backup.